injectable fillers

Injectable Fillers

On of the major effects of the aging is the progressive loss of the supporting structure of the skin including collagen, elastin and, in particular, hyaluronic acid. This latter compound is directly responsible for forming the interconnecting matrix of the support structures and as it declines with aging the support tissue is left in disorganized “clumps”. The face loses volume and elasticity and, in time, begins to sag, sink and wrinkle.

While a variety of “fillers” have been used in the past the currently most effective and popular are the synthetic versions of hyaluronic acid (eg. Juvaderm, Restylane) Immediately upon injection the acid’s amazing ability to bind with tissue water allows for volumization and reconnecting of the support structures. The result is dramatic – increased facial volume with softened, more pliable skin and subsequent loss of sinking, sagging and wringling.

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