Laser Hair Removal


Waxing, shaving, electrolysis and bleaching are temporary fixes at best and frequently unpleasant. Laser hair removal is a relatively painless, safe, fast and permanent alternative. By delivering high energy, pulsed laser light to the hair follicles, hair growth is impaired and eventually destroyed.

Our Assure 210 ND:YAG laser is state-of-the-art and has the highest energy output in the industry, allowing for a more efective and more time-efficient treatment. Flexibility for all skin colors – a distinct advantage over most other lasers.


What is a treatment like? During treatment the laser’s automated cooling system protects from heat build-up on the skin surface. A mild stinging sensation is felt at most and topical anesthesia is generally not required. Post-treatment there may be occasionally slight skin redness but no discomfort or “down time”.

What areas can be done? Virtually anywhere. Back, chest, shoulders, underarms, legs and bikini areas are the most common.

What skin types can be done? Generally speaking the laser works by darker hair absorbing heat and lighter skin reflecting it. Many lasers (not ours!!) have problems with dark skin (too much heat absorbed and danger of burning) and lighter hair (not enough heat absorbed to destroy the follicle) White, light grey and red hair are a problem for many lasers resulting in ineffective and multiple treatments.

Before & After